Alan Austin Smith

What does Alan do?

Whether it's in sales, customer services, leadership or personal change, anyone can discover Alan’s easy and straightforward, proven ideas, that achieve real results.

Alan has a simple philosophy that underpins everything he does – whether you are going to experience him as a conference speaker, educator or through his books and cd’s, this philosophy is the foundation of everything he teaches.

“I believe that 50% of what makes people ‘fantastic’ at their job – has nothing to do with their job – it is all the other stuff – communication, confidence, self motivation, customer delight etc., that makes the difference”
Alan Austin-Smith

“The messages are clear and useful – and in hard practice, transformative”
Tom Peters

"Alan's training brings a fresh approach to personal development, specifically addressing common challenges"
Charles Worthington

"Alan has proved his commitment to helping people grow, to achieve the kind of success they deserve in every area of their lives"
Terry Venables